Sunday, July 31, 2011

Open House

I'm just getting ready to leave for the day... open house on our existing house today. Then we are going to meet with our realtor so I can finally decide which Ryan home model we want to build. It's between the Milan, Naples, and Oakmont. I want to go through and see upgrade pricing for each and I want to decide this week so I stop driving my husband insane! Our situation is a little different than most of the other blogs I've read since our plan is not strickly Ryan homes, it has 3-4 different builders to choose from. I'm curious to see how much of the process is different than what I've been reading. I've received some good info. from reading all the blogs and I know which upgrades we really should get.


  1. Welcome to our Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. We all love being part of each other's experience and we truely get excited as you progress through each phase of the building process. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas and problems...a lot of problems are solved with ideas from other eFamily members.

    We are currently building in a development that has 3 different builders. The development started about 5 years ago. Ryan Homes originally sold all of their available lots and the developer was not willing to lower the prices of the lots when the housing market tanked. Ryan Homes pulled out and stopped building there. In December, the developer had a change of heart and approached Ryan Homes again...RH jumped back in and has been selling homes at a pretty decent pace...2 have been completed, 2 more within weeks of being completed, and 3 (including ours) currently being built with another 1 breaking ground this week...they also have at least 4 more lots that have sold already...RH is way outpacing the other builders.

    So...all that is not a problem when there are multiple builders in the same development...they work independently of each other and usually their lots are grouped together.

    Good Luck with selecting your model...believe it or not...that is the easy part :).

  2. Hello!

    My sister was looking at Ryan and 2 other builders. She spent weeks researching the builders and ended up with Ryan. =) (She really liked the Energy Star rating, among some other things).

    After deciding on Ryan, she did like you. Had it down to several models. She toured them all several times. And found out what the pricing would be on all of them for the items she would want. This too took some time. She and her hubby finally settled on a plan and have signed a contract. =)

    My best advice to you is to take your time. Tour them as much as want. And definitely sit down and price them all out (all the builders). A home is a huge investment. You want to make sure you are making the right choice for you.

    I have no idea on the Oakmont as I have never seen or heard of it. The Naples is a nice home. But I just settled on our Milan and we love it!

    GL!!! Keep us posted!