Saturday, August 13, 2011

Discouraging News

So, we had an offer on our existing house and were ready to move forward with the new house... that is  until the inspection report came back on our current house. We have foundation issues that we had no idea about. It's quite frustrating and shocking to us. We never had water issues and never even noticed the cracks. But after everything has been pointed out to us, we can see that even the wall is moving... not good at all. So, the buyer terminated the agreement and we have quotes to fix the problem. It's VERY costly and will cause us to remove our deck and an an entire wall of drywall from our finished basement so they can excavate and pour a new cement wall behind the current block the entire way across the back of our house and secure the current wall. Not sure what we're gonna do... we have to fix it but then we'll be re-listing our house as the holidays get closer, which is a crazy time to begin with. We may just pull the house and re-list in the spring. We are vey sad :(.

Monday, August 1, 2011

House Sold

We have a signed, official agreement on our current house! We listed at the beginning of June and were just hoping it would sell by the end of the summer, so we're very excited! Last hurdle is making it through inspection, but we don't anticipate any major issues.

We met with the realtor yesterday and decided on the Naples model. However, the Ryan model in the plan sold a few months back so we met in the model house of another builder that we had never been in (the other builders are out of our price range). The house had been under contract but during the process the husband of the family got transferred out of state and they've since significally dropped the price of the house. It was beautiful with many upgrades we wouldn't add to the Ryan home but it is smaller than the Naples and so we'd need to have the builder finish the basement. So now we need to decide do we want a slightly smaller house that's already done or go with our original plan to build a larger Ryan. It's very tempting because it would eliminate the need to live with my parents for 3+ months!! I'm horrible at making decisions like this!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Open House

I'm just getting ready to leave for the day... open house on our existing house today. Then we are going to meet with our realtor so I can finally decide which Ryan home model we want to build. It's between the Milan, Naples, and Oakmont. I want to go through and see upgrade pricing for each and I want to decide this week so I stop driving my husband insane! Our situation is a little different than most of the other blogs I've read since our plan is not strickly Ryan homes, it has 3-4 different builders to choose from. I'm curious to see how much of the process is different than what I've been reading. I've received some good info. from reading all the blogs and I know which upgrades we really should get.

Trying this blogging thing

I've never blogged before but when we were deciding whether to buy existing, build, or add an addition to our current house we found a new plan in our current school district that we loved. I have several friends that have built Ryan homse and have little to no complaints but all I could find was negative info. on the web. Then I ran across some blogs and have been reading them for a few months now. We are still very far from actually building process but thought I'd start a blog.