Monday, August 1, 2011

House Sold

We have a signed, official agreement on our current house! We listed at the beginning of June and were just hoping it would sell by the end of the summer, so we're very excited! Last hurdle is making it through inspection, but we don't anticipate any major issues.

We met with the realtor yesterday and decided on the Naples model. However, the Ryan model in the plan sold a few months back so we met in the model house of another builder that we had never been in (the other builders are out of our price range). The house had been under contract but during the process the husband of the family got transferred out of state and they've since significally dropped the price of the house. It was beautiful with many upgrades we wouldn't add to the Ryan home but it is smaller than the Naples and so we'd need to have the builder finish the basement. So now we need to decide do we want a slightly smaller house that's already done or go with our original plan to build a larger Ryan. It's very tempting because it would eliminate the need to live with my parents for 3+ months!! I'm horrible at making decisions like this!!!


  1. I suppose it depends on what is important to you. My wife and I wanted a new house because we wanted a particular kitchen layout and we wanted to make specific custom choices that would be denied to us with an old house.

    It seems to me that some of the choices that could make your home uniquely yours would be unavailable to you if you went with the model. Also, I'm a firm believer in getting as many square feet as I can afford. With 3 kids, I'm guessing that is an important factor for you too.

    In your position, I'd probably go with the Naples because it would be exactly the way I wanted it, instead of the way someone else wanted it. If I'm going to spend a bazillion dollars on a home, I want it to be the way I want it! But in this economy, saving money is a Really Good Thing™.

    Your choice is essentially between your dream house, or something cheaper that can be ready sooner. What does your heart tell you?

  2. I have three small children too (9,6,2). So I can appreciate your predicament.

    Pro's to already constructed house:

    1. Not moving the kids twice
    2. Being able to settle in before school starts
    3. Not having to worry about where you live or for how long since your current home has sold.
    4. Not having that feeling of possibly wearing out your welcome (I would be afraid of this after 2 weeks with my 3 kids)


    1. Is it really worth the price or is the Naples better priced?
    2. Smaller space: Not so much a problem now, but jump ahead to the teen years when they need more space and have friends over and such
    3. Is it Energy Star Certified like Ryan's home is?
    4. Not being able to design it.
    5. Having to possible deal with either:
    a) construction on basement while you live there or
    b) them saying they won't finish the basement (things to find out about up front)

    Things to consider on both houses:

    Which house is a better suit for your family?
    Which house is the better deal?
    Which house has or will have a better resale value?
    Which house has better location?
    Which builder offers better warranties?
    (Ryan has good warranties and checks back in at 30 days and 10 months to fix stuff)

    I would pay particular attention to the questions in the last part. Especially the ones about warranties and better fit for your family. You are about to spend good money on home for your family to grow and live in. This is not a car. This is a big deal and you want to make the right decision.

    GL!! Let us know what happens!